What can help us to win the battle against the infestation of these insects in our homes? Here are some pointers that will help you give the knockout punch and rid your homes of these common pests.

Spiders: These insects are great outdoors, but they’re unwelcome in our homes. They can bite us in our sleep and leave their cobwebs on our ceilings. What can help us fight spiders?

– Vacuum ceilings, walls, corners, furniture, and floors thoroughly. Don’t forget to throw out the vacuum bag (if disposable) or clean it out outside throwing the spiders and their egg sacks in a sealed plastic garbage bag.

– Change lighting habits. Insects love the light, even spiders so have heavy enough curtains at night so that no light gets out that will invite them to come near your house. You can put in motion sensor lights so that your outdoor lights will not be on all the time and will only be used when people are outside. Ask your local hardware store for alternative lighting that will help you to see outside but will not attract bugs.

– Be very neat and tidy in your yard and beside your house. Insects like clutter and piles of junk so remove anything collected near your home like woodpiles. Always rake leaves off the grass as spiders like to take shelter under fallen leaves.

– Spider-proof your home by patching cracks and holes that spiders might potentially use to come in. Pay special attention to door and window areas. Make sure they’re sealed or screened so spiders can’t let themselves in.

– Sweep the outside of your house well including the walls, areas where the roof overhangs, and areas around the doorways and windows. You can also use a shop vacuum to suck up any spiders and egg sacs you find. Doing this on a regular basis will keep spiders away.

Cockroaches: When we meet with these creatures, our first instinct is to jump and squash then with whatever we have on hand. However, there are better ways to fight these pervasive and hard to exterminate creepy crawlers.

– Clean up messes and garbage. Since roaches are hard to kill and their population grows exponentially, you can take preventative measures so that your home will not be so inviting to them. Roaches love garbage especially with rotting food in it (they do have a purpose – to clean up rotting food). To keep roaches away, all you need to do is take out the trash daily before retiring to bed. Have a sealed garbage bin where nothing can get in and always have it closed right away after using. Make sure your garbage bin is clean and there are no scraps of food or spilled food left for them to fight over.

– Don’t feed the insects. Always tightly cover food left on the table. Bulk food items or opened bags of food should be put in the fridge or bagged and tightly sealed. Don’t leave leftover pet food in your pet’s dish. Clean it out after your pet eats.

– Poison them with sugar laced borax. Mix 1 cup of borax with 1 cup of sugar. Put the mix in a container and place the mixture where roaches tend to come out. Make sure it is out of reach of your children and your pets. Make sure your family knows what you’re up to so they don’t ingest this concoction. When the roaches eat the mixture, they will die. Clean up any dead roaches right away.

– Set a trap. Use a jar with a funnel on top of it as a trap. Put bait like sugar at the bottom of this jar. The roaches will go into the jar but will not be able to get out because of the funnel opening. The funnel would be more effective if it had a flap that only opens when entering but not when exiting at the skinny end of the funnel.

People might need assistance in taking more drastic measures to help win the fight against household pests. In those cases, it is best to call professional exterminators or pest removal services like Swarm Pest Control Brisbane.

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